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Gifted and Talented

It has long been accepted that gifted and talented students need extra support to reach their full academic, emotional and social potential. 

At St Andrew’s we have a well-established Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programme, set up to be responsive to the individual needs, strengths and interests of these students. High achievers in sport and culture are also well supported at St Andrew’s through a range of programmes and initiatives.

Year 9 and 10 GATE (Academic)

Academically gifted an talented students in Year 9 and 10 may be invited into an option called ACEE (Academic Enrichment and Extension).

The modules selected for each year’s programme depend primarily on the intellectual and creative talent of the student cohort.

Our specialised learning modules incorporate:

  • Inquiry learning activities, which provide the open-ended investigation;
  • Opportunities to problem solve;
  • Choice to pursue passion projects;
  • Opportunities to showcase work to the school community throughout the year.    

Some of the modules will be seminar based and discrete as opposed to lengthy units.   

Years 9 and 10 GATE students are also offered the academic and cultural extension opportunities above apart from the Australasian Brain Bee, which is for Year 11 students only and the STAR programme which is for Year 12 and 13 students.

Years 11–13 GATE Students

GATE students do not have a dedicated class but are regularly offered academic and cultural extension opportunities such as:

  • Involvement in the Model United Nations and Model European Union Conferences;
  • Philosophy Conference facilitated by Academy Conferences;
  • Specialised Science lectures such as the recent genetics lecture; 
  • Australasian Brain Bee Competition for Year 11s;
  • STAR extension via the University of Canterbury; 
  • Future Problem Solving.

Future Problem Solving

Regarded as one of the eight most appropriate programmes for extending Gifted and Talented students, Future Problem Solving is a challenging team and individual activity requiring a high level of abstract reasoning and thinking. St Andrew’s College offers both a competitive and non-competitive programme where Years 9 and 10 students work through a problem solving process to create positive solutions to global issues such as Climate Change, Living in Space, Megacities and Enhancing Human Potential.

Elite Sports Studies Course and High Performance Sports Programme

Students who are gifted and talented in sports will be catered for in the Elite Sports option. To find out more about our Elite Sports and High Performance Sports Programme please click here.

For further information

If you believe your child is gifted and talented, and you would like to find out more, you are warmly invited to book a tour with our Registrar, Lynn Smith by clicking here.