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Second-hand Uniform Shop

The College's Second-hand Uniform Shop is located in the old (but refurbished) cricket pavilion, accessible from the Papanui Road driveway and is run by PTA volunteers.
Opening hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 3.00pm to 4.30pm during term time. The Second-hand Uniform Shop accepts payment in cash, cheque and EFTPOS only. Credit cards are not accepted. 

It is a great place to purchase good quality second-hand uniform at greatly discounted prices. This includes Preparatory School and Secondary School uniforms, PE gear and assorted sports uniforms.

  • Items of current regulation school and sports uniform can be sold on your behalf or as donated items.
  • Items to be sold can be dropped off at the Second-hand Uniform Shop during opening hours, or at the Uniform and College Shop at 50 Normans Road outside these days/hours.
  • All items must be in excellent condition and must have been washed or dry cleaned.
  • All net proceeds received by the PTA from the sale of second-hand uniform are donated to the College.

In 2017 donations were made to assist with the purchase of equipment for the music department, 3D printer and consumables, publication costs for a book written by students, and monitoring equipment for the Strowan Stream project.

The following items of second-hand uniform can be sold on your behalf (unless you prefer to donate them):

  • blazers;
  • jerseys, cardigans, vests;
  • charcoal trousers and shorts (not black);
  • girls blouses;
  • pinafores and skirts;
  • tracksuits (new style only).

Items to be sold on your behalf must be given to the shop in a bag and be clearly labelled with your:

  • full name;
  • postal address including postcode;
  • phone number;
  • parent’s email address;
  • bank account number.

You will receive 70% of the value that the item is sold for. The PTA retains the balance, which is donated to the College.
If an item is not sold after two years it will become a donated item.

All other items of uniform, such as boys shirts, black trousers and shorts, ties and sports items, can no longer be sold on your behalf but the PTA will gratefully receive them as donated items to sell, with all proceeds received going to the PTA and then donated to the College.

In December 2016, the PTA changed its policy reducing what items of second-hand uniform can be sold on behalf, to reduce the huge workload put in by volunteers.

The PTA reserves the right to decline and/or dispose of any items that are not suitable for sale without advising the owner.

If you would like to volunteer to help in the Second-hand Uniform Shop, or to find out further information, please contact the PTA by emailing

Thank you to everyone who supports the Second-hand Uniform Shop.