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On Strowan – Volume 13 // Issue 1 // 29 January 2018

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At the heart of our vision for the next phase of StAC development is our ongoing commitment to student and staff well‑being, which we believe underpins the ability for all people to flourish.
Christine Leighton, Rector

I trust everyone has enjoyed a good break. Most of you will have been in places where you have benefited from a hot summer, and I hope you have managed to combine this with some good relaxation. Several staff and students have been involved with school activities during the holiday period including Year 12 Service Trip to Cambodia, Colts and First XI Cricket trips to Australia, athletics to Hastings, girls’ touch to Auckland, two Rowing Camps to Twizel and over 50 Preparatory School students have really enjoyed a Cricket Camp held at the College. We are very grateful to staff who provide these opportunities for students. Senior students were also involved with the Peer Support Leadership Programme at the start of the holidays.

Welcome back to all our families and a special welcome to staff, students and families who are new to St Andrew’s College in 2018. Our new staff will be profiled later in this newsletter and there will be opportunities to meet new students and parents later this week. Please feel free to make yourselves known to me and Senior Staff, and I encourage you to become involved with life at St Andrew’s College.

I hope that parents with students in the Secondary School take advantage of our Parent/Student/Tutor Conferences next week. Setting up or renewing a relationship with your child’s Tutor is critical at this time of year… they are the people who will oversee your child’s well-being and academic programme throughout the year.

Once again this year we are very pleased with our results released mid-January and for our students who have achieved their goals. Many students have achieved outstanding success with 211 Excellence endorsements across Levels 1, 2 and 3 (2016 – 205 Excellence endorsements: 2015 – 167 Excellence endorsements).

There were many Merit and individual subject endorsements, and more detailed statistics will be provided in coming weeks.

NCEA overall achievement
results were also pleasing
99.5% at Level 1 96 at Level 1 72 at Level 1
99% at Level 2 59 at Level 2 86 at Level 2
95.6% at Level 3 56 at Level 3 70 at Level 3
  211 total at all Levels 228 total at all Levels

Level 3 Excellence scholarship students who gained this endorsement will be invited back to the Academic Awards Assembly on Friday 16 February to receive the Board of Governors’ Excellence Scholarship.

Our College annual planning and reporting process is an important aspect of our business; the way we hold ourselves accountable and focus on continuous improvement. This year, many of you will be aware that we are reviewing our five-year Strategic Plan and we sought parent feedback by way of an online survey at the end of last year.

Thank you to the 181 parents who completed the survey and for the very useful comments you have provided. A full analysis of your responses will be provided at a later date, but in the meantime, I can share with you that the most valued aspects of a St Andrew’s education are: breadth of opportunities/holistic education, quality staff/teaching, school culture (values, co-education, safe, supportive, positive, progressive), and high expectations. Areas for improvement and suggestions for the future will be shared in the near future.

Our 2017 Whole School Goals have been reviewed (see following page). Our new goals for 2018 have now been confirmed and can be accessed by clicking here.

We are looking forward to progressing our goals throughout 2018, some of which are a response to feedback from students and parents. At the heart of our vision for the next phase of StAC development is our ongoing commitment to student and staff well-being, which we believe underpins the ability for all people to flourish.

As your child begins a new school year, you will have contact with new teachers or staff. Sometimes it can be difficult to know who to contact should you have a concern. Usually, the right person will be your child’s classroom teacher in the Preparatory School and Tutor or Dean in the Secondary School.

Alternatively, it may be the Head of Middle School, Head of Senior College, Head of Secondary School, Principal of Preparatory School, Guidance Counsellor or Chaplain.

Staff can be most easily contacted via email – all staff emails can be accessed by clicking here, or by visiting the ‘key staff’ page on the College’s website, click here.

If your concerns cannot be resolved by any of the above, someone from Executive will be available to you.

I look forward to meeting up with you when the school year begins.

Christine Leighton

On Strowan - Volume 13 //  Issue 1 // 29 January 2018