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Outstanding Academic Achievements

Rector's Comment // Friday 6 July 2018

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Congratulations to the following students on their respective successes:

Ariel Tan (Year 13) has been accepted for an internship at Albion Clothing in the July holidays, learning about design and construction of clothing items, and will further develop her prototype for first responders. Operations Manager at Albion Clothing, Stuart Montgomery, is pleased to give Ariel training and access to the production process to make her clothing project a reality.

On Thursday morning, Lachlan Johns (Year 9) presented his ideas at the Christchurch City Council meeting in front of Councillors and the Mayor. Lachlan spoke very well and the Deputy Mayor said he will pass Lachlan's letter and ideas for his proposed digital stadium onto the group running the creation of the new stadium.



Yonni Kepes (Year 13) participated in the Young Enterprise Scheme 'Entrepreneurs In Action' (EIA) Competition in Wellington. Throughout the three days, Yonni completed two business challenges. The Genesis Energy Challenge involved creating an innovative product for Genesis, and the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise International Trade Challenge, which required the team to formulate a strategy designed to support NZTE to create a presence for New Zealand businesses in Latin America. The challenges required students to problem solve, be innovative and above all cope in a team environment.
Yonni's team placed first competition and as a result Yonni will be representing New Zealand on a trip to Brazil in December, solving a business problem in a third world scenario through collaboration with students and multinationals. He also received a $7000 scholarship to Massey University next year.

This week St Andrew's hosted three lectures from the University of Canterbury, with the purpose of covering key areas of the curriculum and answering big questions around the future of careers in the commerce area. Jamie Collins present to Year 13 Business students on the importance of innovation in the survival of businesses. Year 13 Accountancy students discussed with Rob Vosslamber the future of the Accountancy profession, and our Year 12 Economics class and scholarship economists enjoyed a lecture from Laura Meriluoto, StAC parent, about International Trade and the impact of issues such as the tariffs imposed by the United States on its trade partners.

UC Roadshow


Twenty-seven St Andrew's College students and approximately 100 students from other Christchurch schools participated in the very first World Scholars Cup held at St Andrew's College. The theme was Entangled World; meaning a world which has a lot of interdependence, where you can't easily separate different parts of the world from the rest since everything influences everything else.

Highlights of the event included a Debate Showcase, Scholars Show and the final segment of a 120 question test drawn from a range of subjects including neuroscience, social science, history of diplomacy, art and music, literature, and human relationship. This academic competition tested strengths, but it also provided the opportunity to have fun, which all students certainly did.


From Rector's Comment // Friday 6 July 2018