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From the Rector and Board Chair

Regulus Address // Issue 3 // November 2018

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‘‘Together, building better people, for life’’

In this edition of Regulus we present a combined column as a signal of the unity between the Board of Governors and Management of the College. 

One of the most important factors of a high performing organisation is the trust and confidence that exists between the CEO, Senior Managers and Board. We are pleased to report that while the Board  recognises their responsibility to question and challenge Senior Management, we appreciate even more so the importance of providing support and resources so that people are enabled and valued in the contributions they make.

St Andrew’s College is held in high regard across the Canterbury and New Zealand Independent School network as a school which is functioning very well at a strategic and operational level. However, that does not mean that we will become complacent. In a complex organisation which is people-centred with over 300 staff (220 FTE), 1470 students and their parents/guardians, 13,000 Old Collegians and 200 new students every year, we recognise that there will always be challenges and unexpected issues. Our shared commitment to sound governance and management policies and processes, and our continuous self-review and comprehensive reporting, ensure that any unexpected issues are dealt with in a timely and effective manner, and with legislative and regulatory compliance.

Recently the Board welcomed a number of Senior Managers to report upon the progress of priority strategic projects St Andrew’s has committed to in recent years. Helaina Coote (Visible Learning), Kerry Larby (Positive Education and Well-being), Wilj Dekkers (Innovation), Rod McIntosh (High Performance Sport) and John Ruge (Head of Senior College), impressed the Board with the initiative and commitment they have demonstrated in leading positive change in these areas of the College over the last two years. There is no doubt that St Andrew’s is well served in the quality of its Senior Management in both the Preparatory and Secondary Schools, led by Jonathan Bierwirth and Evert van Florenstein.

In our new Strategic Plan we have recognised what the College has achieved in recent years, at the same time opening our minds to the significant challenges ahead. Two recently published books Fascism by Madeleine Albright, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari, leave no doubt about the significant global challenges facing our future generations. As a school, we believe that we must prepare our young people not only academically, but also socially, spiritually, physically and emotionally, to empower them to recognise and respond to these challenges as they take on responsibilities beyond school.

Some of the wider environmental challenges we have identified include disruptive technologies, the impact of Artificial Intelligence, and shifting social norms. Internally, we are challenged by the pressure on personal and collective well‑being, the tension between compliance and future focused experiences, the sustainability of increasing demand, the development of partnerships and opportunities for contextual learning, and the desire to be globally networked and connected. The other obvious challenge is the pressure to continuously improve, innovate and respond to change, while still preserving the best of the past (all within the resources available).

‘‘To be at the leading edge of high performance educational practice in a community that values caring for others, tradition and creativity, in order to provide young people with the roots and wings to flourish in an ever‑changing world.’’

However, despite all these challenges, we are excited by the future and confident in the strong platform from which we approach our next decade.

We will be guided by our new Vision Statement. 

To be at the leading edge of high performance educational practice in a community that values caring for others, tradition and creativity, in order to provide young people with the roots and wings to flourish in an ever‑changing world.

Our strategic intent is to enhance each student’s experience, whereby we support each other to flourish through enriching and diverse opportunities. These opportunities will be delivered in our College, which has high expectations and strives for excellence in personal and collective endeavours.

We will provide a world-class learning environment which values innovation and creativity alongside tradition and knowledge.

We seek to be known as a school where the best of the past is used as a firm foundation to guide the future. We will commit to be a high performing organisation, driven by our commitment to personal excellence and to living out our clearly espoused values in our daily lives.

We aspire to provide all students with the opportunity to complete their schooling having experienced personal success and feeling excited to take the next steps in their learning pathway. Our leavers will be confident, self-aware, compassionate and caring, connected and committed to global responsibility and a better future for all.

We believe that we have plenty to go on with in 2019 and beyond, but in the meantime, we send our very best wishes to all for a joyous celebration of the Christmas season and a positive end to 2018.


With regards

Christine Leighton

Bryan Pearson
Board Chair

From the third edition of Regulus for 2018.