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Performing Arts Television Class

Year 9 Performing Arts Television Class

We offer a unique Performing Arts course at Year 9 which includes a term in drama and a term in the TV studio. Students learn how to run a 32-channel sound desk, managing music and upwards of ten microphones at the same time. They learn about the lighting desk and how to use professional studio cameras, embracing the various technical and production roles while producing their own original live television shows. This is a supportive and positive environment, where students who enjoy performance can sing, act, dance or play an instrument in front of their peers, in a multi camera studio. Students learn teamwork, leadership, respect and confidence as well as a range of technical skills.

Year 10 Performing Arts Television Class

Our Year 10 course takes the art further, building on the skills learned at Year 9. Students produce their own television commercials, to insert into live studio shows. Outside judges evaluate the commercials, passing on advice from a professional point of view.