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Performance Poetry Club

Slam Poetry is poetry written for a powerful spoken performance. It can be used to tell a personal story, explore an important issue, question society, make people laugh, and make people think.

The StAC Slam Poetry group meets once a week at lunchtime to write poems, polish delivery, and prepare for performance opportunities and competitions. We also draw inspiration from great examples and guest speakers. Workshops are run by Mrs Ball and student coaches. Students may choose to attend the Faultline Poetry Collective Open Mic Night, which is on the last Friday of each month at White Elephant Trust.

The Performance Poetry Club is open to any student who is interested in this fusion of poetry and performance. It is an excellent opportunity to increase their engagement in social issues, to explore new forms of expression and to hone creative writing and public speaking skills.

Co-ordinator: Rebecca Ball - RBL@stac.school.nz