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Global Citizens Club

The Global Citizens Club provides an opportunity for students to share with like-minded individuals about cultures, diversity, language and experiences from their home countries or countries they have visited.

It encompasses students in our International and Exchange programmes, but is open to students of all ages, gender and ethnicity, who wish to find out more about our changing world, both domestically, and abroad.

The Global Citizens Club meets fortnightly when students can present and share experiences, food, and their knowledge of other countries, including traditions and values. As well as learning new global perspectives, students will explore ways of making a positive impact in the world.

The group will also have significant input into our annual International Assembly, a wonderful celebration of cultural diversity at St Andrew’s College.

Key activities:

  • International Assembly
  • International Market Day
  • Fortnightly gathering

Co-ordinator: Pale Tauti - PTU@stac.school.nz