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Imagine coming to school and being able to conceive, plan, rehearse and then “go live” with a fully-fledged television production without leaving campus. That is exactly the experience made available to you by the College’s professional television studios and Media Studies curriculum.

St Andrew’s College is fortunate to have the only professional TV studio and control room complex in a New Zealand Secondary School. Over the course of a year around 300 students from Year 9 to Year 13 experience this wonderful work place. Many St Andrew’s students whose passion for TV performance and production was sparked at the College, have gone on to great things within the industry in New Zealand and overseas.

In the Secondary School, our dedicated television studio is equipped with cameras, lights and editing equipment which is “the real thing”. Broadcasts can be made throughout the school and from remote locations, giving students a taste of the excitement surrounding live broadcasts.

In the Preparatory School, our brand new state-of-the-art theatre doubles as a TV studio, from which daily broadcasts beam throughout the school. These productions are directed and run entirely by students, and involvement is highly sought-after.

Year 9 Performing Arts Television Class

We offer a unique Performing Arts course at Year 9 which includes a term in drama and a term in the TV studio. Students learn how to run a 32 channel sound desk, managing music and upwards of ten microphones at the one time. They learn about the lighting desk and how to use professional studio cameras, embracing the various technical and production roles while producing their own original live television shows.

This is a supportive and positive environment, where students who enjoy performance can sing, act, dance or play an instrument in front of their peers, in a multi camera studio. Students learn teamwork, leadership, respect and confidence as well as a range of technical skills.

Year 10 Performing Arts Television Class

The Year 10 course takes the art further, building on the skills learned at Year 9. Students produce their own television commercials, to insert into live studio shows. Outside judges evaluate the commercials, passing on advice from a professional point of view. 

Year 12 Television Production

This is a truly unique course, working towards the NCEA Media Studies Level Two achievement standards. Students work in the studio and in the field as well as completing written planning and evaluation tasks. They produce a one hour long children’s TV show with items they have produced as well as live performances. The day we record our live show in front of industry assessors is a day the students will not forget. The course is stimulating and interesting, providing a pathway to tertiary courses and industry. 

Year 12 Film

An alternative course, for those whose interests lie in film making, rather than in television. Students learn about the industry as well as studying about the planning and production of short films. The best of the films which the students produce, are screened at the College’s annual Film Festival. 

Year 13 Television Production

This is a course for those students with a serious interest in the media. It is for students who want to know where the industry is heading, what are its conventions and its structure, and who are the major New Zealand players within the industry. The students research topics for later production in documentaries which then feed into a live TV show. 

Year 13 Film

This is for serious film enthusiasts, those who might be planning a career in film, or who are simply very good film makers. There are high expectations of the students as they study the different aspects of the industry while learning professional film techniques. We have new HD medium sized cameras, a range of professional tripods, microphones and field lights. Some exceptional short films are produced, for later screening in the College Film Festival.  

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