International Students

Fees and Enrolment

Application Fee

$250 (non-refundable)

Acceptance of Place Fee

$500 (non-refundable)

We advise international students to apply early in the year as places in the day school may not be guaranteed.

2017 Tuition Fees (International Students)

(includes a New Zealand Goods and Services Tax)    $NZ per annum

Years 1 and 2                                                                      $23,250

Years 3 and 4                                                                      $24,750

Years 5 and 6                                                                      $25,250

Years 7 and 8                                                                      $26,500

Years 9 to 13                                                                       $29,500

Excluded from these fees are: NCEA (external exam) fees, purchases at the College Shop (uniform, sports uniform, personal stationery etc), doctors’ fees, pharmacy charges, taxis (personal), sports tours, outdoor education camp charges, overnight field trips, lost and/or damaged texts/library books, photography/TV/film and other specialist course fees.

2017 Boarding Fees (International Students)

(includes a New Zealand Goods and Services Tax)    $NZ per annum

Years 9 to 13                                                                       $14,000


A disbursement bond of $1,000 must be paid with the tuition fees and will be credited to the student's final account. All disbursements (additional costs as per the list of exclusions above) are the responsibility of the student and are to be paid at the end of each term.

Homestay Fee

$260 per week plus $10 administration fee per week.

NCEA Examination Fees

$400 for 48 or more credits (approximately), $100 per subject for scholarship entry


$500 per year (approximately)

Care Provider/Guardian Fees

$4,000 per academic year, or $1,000 per term


$1,500 (estimate)

Extra Tuition (One-on-one with Tutor)

$45 per hour

These costs are a guideline only and subject to change without notice. They are based on the information available at this time.

Payment of International Student Fees

Fees for international students are payable in full and in advance by 30 November in the year preceding the start of a new academic year.


Please feel free to call or write to the College Accountant if you have any queries.

Fee Refund Policy


To ensure that applications by international students for fees refunds are dealt with fairly and consistently.


As a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students, the school is required to have a fees refund policy. The policy is in line with the following legislation:

  • The Education Act 1989
  • The Fair Trading Act 1986
  • The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993


All tuition fees paid by international students are non-refundable. However, if students are required to return home because of circumstances beyond their control (e.g. serious illness or a death in the family) a partial or full refund may be given. This is at the discretion of the Rector. 

Students wishing to apply for a refund must make an application in writing to the Rector setting out the special circumstances of the claim. In making her decision, the Rector will judge each case on its merits. The following guidelines apply:

1.  If the withdrawal is prior to the student coming to New Zealand, the tuition and boarding fees paid will be refunded in full minus a $250 administration fee. The ‘Acceptance of Place’ fee will not be refunded.

2.  If the student wishes to withdraw after arriving in New Zealand and commencing the programme, no refund will be made unless the Rector, at her discretion, decides to allow one.

3.  Where the Rector has decided to allow a refund, the Board may refund to the person who paid the fees in respect of the programme any amount of the fees it thinks appropriate. Generally, deductions from fees paid will be made for:

  • Administration fee of $500
  • The Board’s best estimate of the cost of providing tuition up to the time of withdrawal
  • The Board’s best estimate of the cost incurred for the use of resources and facilities up to the time of withdrawal
  • Other costs already incurred, including agent’s fee

No refunds will be made:

  • Where students are asked to leave the College because of misbehaviour, poor attendance or violation of College rules.
  • Where students wish to transfer to another school for whatever reason.
  • Where students return home for any reason other than serious illness, or the serious illness or death of a close member of the family.
  • Where students acquire permanent residence status after having enrolled at the College or a work permit has been issued.

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