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“...we can reflect upon a myriad of student achievements across sporting, cultural and academic pursuits.” 

As we complete this busy term we can reflect upon a myriad of student achievements across sporting, cultural and academic pursuits.

Many students are balancing multiple commitments – whereby they are growing critical skills of time management, commitment, perseverance and of course the vital social skills of being a team member. Students choose from the vast array of activities on offer at StAC and as parents it can sometime come as a surprise as to the areas in which they shine.

Friday night’s annual Film Fest was one such example where the creativity, clarity of purpose, vision and undeniable talent of the 10 finalist films was quite astonishing. A huge congratulations to the students involved. Also on the cultural theme, congratulations to the students who went to Wellington at the weekend as finalists in the 2017 National TheatreFest. StAC took out some of the top awards including:

Best New Director Paris Porter (Y13)
Best Emerging Artist Nicholas Cain (Y13)
Best Youth Production

Other students involved were Anna Bennetto (Year 13), Harry Wilkinson (Year 12) and Jackson Page on lighting (Year 12).

Recently World Vision sent a congratulatory letter thanking StAC students for the $22,911 raised this year. Community Service leaders promoted and encouraged others to support this fundraising effort. Over the years of our relationship with World Vision, St Andrew’s College has raised $239,000 to support children all over the world!

This week, at their meeting the Board adopted a timeline for development of a new College Strategic Planning process.

Despite providing exciting educational opportunities, there is no doubt that all schools are challenged by the online digital environment that now dominates our young people’s world – not only in but also outside of the classroom. The online environment is not one we can control by putting in blocks or barriers… rather we must empower our young people with the values and attitudes that assist them to navigate their way through the pitfalls and dangers of this potentially hostile environment.

Our commitment to you, our parents, is that we will read widely, discuss, be informed and ensure that St Andrew’s uses the best available research to protect our young people and assist them to make the right decisions based upon respect for others and themselves.

An important part of this journey has been the whole school commitment this year to well-being and positiveeducation. A comprehensive review of our curriculum at StAC has identified that there are many threads of positive education which run through Health programmes, Te Waka, Digital Literacy classes, tutor group discussions, Religious Education lessons, chapel services and assemblies. Ms Kerry Larby has put together a blog to share stories about embracing the philosophy of Positive Education to the culture and curriculum at St Andrew’s College. Click here to view the Well-being Blog. Over the next year we will be developing an even more, deliberate and co-ordinated approach to give all our young people the best possible tools with which to strengthen their resilience and character. Ms Kerry Larby is leading this programme and has arranged a parent evening on Thursday 26 October with Head of Guidance Mr Tom Matthews. I encourage you to diary this event now, as we seek to strengthen our partnership with you in guiding our young people to a happy, healthy, positive future.




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