Enrolment and Fees

Eligibility to Enrol

The New Zealand Ministry of Education has issued guidelines defining which students are eligible to enrol in New Zealand schools, to ensure all students are treated fairly and all enrolments are managed appropriately.

The Ministry defines three categories of eligible student. The category you fall into will determine which of the application forms and processes described on this site apply to you. If you have any questions or concerns about student eligibility, please contact the College Registrar, Lynn Smith, on 03 940 2016 or enrol@stac.school.nz

Domestic Student (Permanent)

You are a Domestic Student (permanent) if you are a New Zealand citizen, New Zealand resident or Australian citizen. If this is you, please apply for admission using the Domestic Student (permanent) form available via the link on the left.

Domestic Student (Time bound)

A Domestic Student (time-bound) is a foreign student who may be considered a domestic student for the period of time indicated on the documents that give them this entitlement. If this is you, please apply for admission using the Domestic Student (time-bound) form available via the link on the left.

Foreign Fee-paying (Or ‘International’) Student

Students who don’t fit into either of the categories above are referred to as Foreign Fee-paying students. Such students must be offered a place in a school before applying for a student visa or permit, which allows them to enter New Zealand. If this is you, please apply for admission using the Foreign Fee-paying (International) Student form available via the link on the left. You should also read all of the important information in the International Students section of this site.

If any of the following circumstances apply to you, please contact us as additional evidence of eligibility may be required at the time of enrolment:

  • Parent is not a New Zealand citizen or resident but has a work permit
  • Student is a refugee or dependent child of a refugee
  • Parent has an NZAID or Commonwealth scholarship
  • Parent is completing a PhD in a New Zealand university
  • Parent is a diplomat
  • Student has entered New Zealand for the purposes of adoption
  • Parent is on an exchange programme
  • Parent is in the military
  • Student is in CYF care
  • Parent is on an Antarctic programme
  • Student has a Limited Purpose Permit

More information on eligibility to enrol in New Zealand schools can be found on the Ministry of Education website: www.education.govt.nz


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